Vote Glenn Block for Unit 5 School Board April 7th

Normal Community High School
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School Funding Issues

The biggest uncertainty in our school today is the State of Illinois failing to follow though on it's current commitments to school's. They generally pay 90% of what was promised and the uncertainty makes running the schools harder for administration and leaves teachers wondering if they will have a job each year.

In addition to the uncertainty of getting promised funding, there is talk of changing how money is allocated. The changes to the formula will hurt our local schools.

I would urge everyone to contact their local representative about this issue. Ask them about the funding changes and how it will affect our schools. The changes as proposed would cost Unit 5 three million a year. That's not pocket change.

Speaking of local funding, A few thoughts about last years sales tax referendum.

I opposed the proposed sales tax increase in part because it has flaws. The money was limited to spending on building related expenses and could not be used to pay salaries. This needs to be changed before a sales tax is a viable option to support our schools. With changes to the law, a sales tax to support property tax relief is worth considering. However I believe a straight up sales tax increase should be rejected.