Vote Glenn Block for Unit 5 School Board April 7th

Normal Community High School
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About Me

Iím Glenn Block and Iím running for school board, but Iím sure youíve figured that out if youíre reading this. I grew up in Wisconsin but somehow ended up in Bloomington/Normal. Iíve been here over 30 years and have never regretted the move. Itís an awesome place with great neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and people.

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Iíve been married to my wife Dawn for 31 years. Dawn teaches special education at Morton High School. I'm the oldest of eleven kids and have 23 neices and nephews.

My dad worked in the trucking industry. Things were tight even in the best of times. When the trucking industry was deregulated in the 70ís he lost his job. It took years before things improved enough to just be poor. When youíre at the bottom, itís easy to overlook the value of education. Any job that makes money seems better than where you are today. Thatís one reason I so strongly support education for all our children, especially those standing at the bottom of life's ladder. Itís their best chance to climb out and hard for them to see. It took me a couple years after high school before I figured it out.

I wish I could sit down and chat for 10 minutes with every voter. But since thatís not practical please take a few minutes and check out the rest of the website. If youíd like to discuss or comment on education at Unit 5, just click here for my contact information. Iíd really like to hear from you.

Thanks and Iíd appreciate your vote on April 7th.